Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin carving on Friday night with Claire!

My wife twisted my arm tonight to carve pumpkins! She has wanted to do this for 4 weeks now.  I kept telling her we would have to wait because they would rot, but tonight she convinced me with a Texas idea.
So we pulled the pumpkins inside to the counter and created our studio.  We spent some time planning our attack and making a plan. Audrey got to drawing and I started carving.  It came so natural (as natural as pumpkin carving can be). As you see below we have one pumpkin for THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.  Oh how me miss Texas. The  other pumpkin is a little different I guess. My wife does not like scary pumpkins. It's Halloween what does she expect?  Boo!



Salesman to carver in about 2 minutes

The knives were sharp, but don't worry, the PA was in the room!

Front Porch

Lone Star State

Article, Josh -- Photos courtesy of Audrey's iPhone


  1. I love it!!! Marci carved a cindarella shoe in a pumpkin on our front porch! It's completely rotted out though! It looks cool though. It adds to the Halloween spirit!

  2. The girls loved the pics of the pumpkins, we have not done ours yet, we will this week. Yall are so cute.Love, Alicia

  3. You guys are funny. I can't say I "approve" of the Lonestar, but I am definitely impressed by the precision of that shape!