Thursday, December 31, 2009

Airport Nashville

We are sitting at Tootsies in the Nashville airport listening to the next Garth Brooks. Notice Garth in the back ground and Audrey smiling!  We are here waiting since we got bumped from flying standby!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Out with the OLD. In with the NEW.

Audrey had her Toyota FJ for about a year and a half. it has time to get rid of it. Audrey is very sentimental, and as you can see below it was hard for her to let go, even though she had picked out the exact car she wanted.  Happy birthday again Claire!  The funny thing was, as we pulled off the lot in the new ride I looked over and Audrey was crying!  I asked if everything was okay and she said she would miss her FJ. I said, "Honey, you married Josh Lively and I have had 8 trucks in 8 years."  I was so confused.  SHE WANTED THE TAHOE, so why was she crying?  She laughed and explained she didn't now why she was crying but she sure did like her new ride.

Audrey saying goodbye

The good old FJ

One last ride in the FJ

Old to new and a very happy girl

Really, it's yours

Out with the old! In with the new!

P.S. Audrey got teary-eyed reading this post. Sentimental?

Happy Birthday Audrey Claire 23rd!

Audrey and I have had an amazing time in Nashville.  She studies and I watch her study! But on November 5th she put the books down and I took her to THE MELTING POT in downtown Nashville for a little birthday dinner.  The Melting Pot was a new place for both of us.  We are used to the steak and potatoes that we were raised on in Texas.  We had a great time eating even though it took about 2 hours.  But since we both love cheese and chocolate we made it through the the night just fine.  After dinner we came home and opened the presents she would not open for the last two weeks.  
The Melting Pot-Nashville, TN

I love cheese!


Thanks Jenny Lee for the cake because I forgot.

Wow, how old are you?

Don't worry, she had these presents
for two weeks and did not open one of them.

I love cupcakes!

This picture was taken before the 80's birthday party at Brad & Mindy's House for Audrey, Brad, and Charles.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All in a Day's Work

On Saturday I convinced my wonderful wife to ride around with me as I called on a few of my customers in west Nashville.  I worked while Audrey studied. I normally don't work on Saturdays but I had  a load of kerosene being dropped off and had to do a little checking to make sure everything was okay. With the promise  to take her to Opry Mills to shop after, Audrey was excited to see me at work.  Of course shopping is my favorite past time. YES!  To make a long story short I had to get a gas reading  to make sure the gallons dropped that morning were accurate because the veedor-root was not working, but it took a little longer than planned.

Here is the great oil man at work!
Photos by: Audrey (through the window in the locked truck)

Notice the Chicago Bears shirt since the Titans are winless this year.
"I just wanted to feel like  a winner" - Jeff Fisher

This is a pretty bad part of Nashville, but it seems I fit in this area well with many of my customers. I feel at home with my gas station customers and now friends that I have met.  It is still a rough area though and I feel sometimes like I need to carry a pistol. I'm not too worried though because there is bullet-proof glass and a loaded gun behind every register.  I always know I have back up around the corner with Metro police too, at least Thursday through Monday.  As I worked getting readings at the store I had no idea Audrey was all worked up in the car, not going through her notes, but rather worst case scenarios of potential robbers.  While I joked with her about it afterward, we heard from Matt that about an hour after we left a lady at Sonic was robbed at gunpoint in her car.  [Note: Sonic is across the street from this gas station.]  [Note to Josh: never bring my amazing wife to any gas stations ever again, or at least don't leave her in the passenger seat for an hour. This is a dangerous job.]
Maybe I can find a cop friend to help me out sometime.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin carving on Friday night with Claire!

My wife twisted my arm tonight to carve pumpkins! She has wanted to do this for 4 weeks now.  I kept telling her we would have to wait because they would rot, but tonight she convinced me with a Texas idea.
So we pulled the pumpkins inside to the counter and created our studio.  We spent some time planning our attack and making a plan. Audrey got to drawing and I started carving.  It came so natural (as natural as pumpkin carving can be). As you see below we have one pumpkin for THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.  Oh how me miss Texas. The  other pumpkin is a little different I guess. My wife does not like scary pumpkins. It's Halloween what does she expect?  Boo!



Salesman to carver in about 2 minutes

The knives were sharp, but don't worry, the PA was in the room!

Front Porch

Lone Star State

Article, Josh -- Photos courtesy of Audrey's iPhone

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SInce the move to Nashville!

Wow, since the move to Nashville Audrey and I have been busy having fun and studying!  I have gotten used to driving to church and Audrey having study notes, going to work out and having notes, going to eat and reviewing in her head, and going to the Grand Ole Opry and studying before the show starts. She even studies in the shower.  I love that she has found something she is truly passionate about and loves PA school.  If you would like to schedule a future appointment her next available appt. is in Jan. 2012 and the cost in $99.99. You keep the penny.

Here are a few pictures of Claire and me around Nashville just living the dream!

Yep that is Little Jimmie Dickens (He is 88 and plays 3 nights a week) He told me the other day that real men choose PAs to treat them!
You guessed it right! Mr. Charlie Daniels
(He sings "The Devil went down to Georgia")


The Grand Ole Opry is a great experience.

The Battle of Franklin - This was one of the bloodiest battles. Over 10,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, or went missing.

Beautiful Gardens

McGavock Confederate Cemetery

The Wild Horse Saloon

The Loveless Cafe

Union Station

More Union Station
(Stud Muffin on the left-hottie on the right!)

More Union Station


Alex & Audrey - no clue what they were thinking!

See Nike in the Right Hand!  I am glad Jordan knows Nike!

Finally for tonight we stopped by my boy Alan Jackson's home.  Copy the link below to see his home for sale for $38,000,000! (yes that is the right number of zeros)
No worries, Audrey and I have made an offer.
We are crossing our fingers and I am trying to sell more fuel.

Posted by: Mr. Josh Lively

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Memories from Chicago!!!

So blogging is new to Audrey and me but we are getting better!  Since I have blogged all posts but one I guess I am getting better!
Here are a few memories from our time in Chicago!