Monday, November 16, 2009

Out with the OLD. In with the NEW.

Audrey had her Toyota FJ for about a year and a half. it has time to get rid of it. Audrey is very sentimental, and as you can see below it was hard for her to let go, even though she had picked out the exact car she wanted.  Happy birthday again Claire!  The funny thing was, as we pulled off the lot in the new ride I looked over and Audrey was crying!  I asked if everything was okay and she said she would miss her FJ. I said, "Honey, you married Josh Lively and I have had 8 trucks in 8 years."  I was so confused.  SHE WANTED THE TAHOE, so why was she crying?  She laughed and explained she didn't now why she was crying but she sure did like her new ride.

Audrey saying goodbye

The good old FJ

One last ride in the FJ

Old to new and a very happy girl

Really, it's yours

Out with the old! In with the new!

P.S. Audrey got teary-eyed reading this post. Sentimental?

Happy Birthday Audrey Claire 23rd!

Audrey and I have had an amazing time in Nashville.  She studies and I watch her study! But on November 5th she put the books down and I took her to THE MELTING POT in downtown Nashville for a little birthday dinner.  The Melting Pot was a new place for both of us.  We are used to the steak and potatoes that we were raised on in Texas.  We had a great time eating even though it took about 2 hours.  But since we both love cheese and chocolate we made it through the the night just fine.  After dinner we came home and opened the presents she would not open for the last two weeks.  
The Melting Pot-Nashville, TN

I love cheese!


Thanks Jenny Lee for the cake because I forgot.

Wow, how old are you?

Don't worry, she had these presents
for two weeks and did not open one of them.

I love cupcakes!

This picture was taken before the 80's birthday party at Brad & Mindy's House for Audrey, Brad, and Charles.