Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All in a Day's Work

On Saturday I convinced my wonderful wife to ride around with me as I called on a few of my customers in west Nashville.  I worked while Audrey studied. I normally don't work on Saturdays but I had  a load of kerosene being dropped off and had to do a little checking to make sure everything was okay. With the promise  to take her to Opry Mills to shop after, Audrey was excited to see me at work.  Of course shopping is my favorite past time. YES!  To make a long story short I had to get a gas reading  to make sure the gallons dropped that morning were accurate because the veedor-root was not working, but it took a little longer than planned.

Here is the great oil man at work!
Photos by: Audrey (through the window in the locked truck)

Notice the Chicago Bears shirt since the Titans are winless this year.
"I just wanted to feel like  a winner" - Jeff Fisher

This is a pretty bad part of Nashville, but it seems I fit in this area well with many of my customers. I feel at home with my gas station customers and now friends that I have met.  It is still a rough area though and I feel sometimes like I need to carry a pistol. I'm not too worried though because there is bullet-proof glass and a loaded gun behind every register.  I always know I have back up around the corner with Metro police too, at least Thursday through Monday.  As I worked getting readings at the store I had no idea Audrey was all worked up in the car, not going through her notes, but rather worst case scenarios of potential robbers.  While I joked with her about it afterward, we heard from Matt that about an hour after we left a lady at Sonic was robbed at gunpoint in her car.  [Note: Sonic is across the street from this gas station.]  [Note to Josh: never bring my amazing wife to any gas stations ever again, or at least don't leave her in the passenger seat for an hour. This is a dangerous job.]
Maybe I can find a cop friend to help me out sometime.


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  1. Whew! That was close! Glad Audrey survived!

    Nice to see you at work. :)