Sunday, March 28, 2010

New way to go to see your PA!

Since Jackie told us we are not worthy of her blog, I thought I would dedicate an entire blog post to my sister-in-law. I know she doesn't believe that we read her blog, but hopefully she will read ours.

First let's take a look at all those wonderful        
 notecards she wrote for German!  
Wir sind so stolz auf dich!
Ich möchte noch zu Kevin wissen???

The internet has changed the way the worldcommunicates!
Who would have thought my wife would be able to 
work with her first patient via SKYPE in Germany?
That first patient just happened to be her sister Jackie.
Jackie complained of a productive 
cough and pruritic throat. 

As she explained, it apparently helped 
to stick out her tongue.

Audrey tried to get a good look at that throat,
 but it was a little dark without her otoscope.

Jackie adjusted the light for Audrey.

 There's an app for that. 
Otoscope App will be available 10-10-10, 
created by Audrey Lively PA-S.

The Patient was happy and gave Audrey two thumbs up.

Patient Dx: mild viral pharyngitis aggravated by repetitive German language.

Tx: Lay off German for 2 weeks, rest, & enjoy Germany. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The story of my life!

Audrey studying! I am so proud of her. She will be a a great PA soon.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

On the road again!

We are on our way to Texas! Last time we sat
in these same chairs was in December when we got bumped from our flight four times. It was a sad day because my wife was crying so it looked I was beating her. She was crying due to the fact we got bumped and ended up driving. I learned my lesson to not fly stanby during the hoildays and I can say we have tickets tonight. Hope everyone is doing great. See you in Texas.